A few weeks ago, just prior to an especially busy time in my life, I talked about focus and how hard and exhausting it is to keep.

I learned a little something about focus then. For better or for worse, focus comes like everything we want in life: through diet and exercise.

I’ve found that I really do feel better and more able to focus when I eat the right food at the right time. It’s a simple thing, I know. But the thing about being focused is that when you can’t focus, you miss the simple stuff — and vice versa.

Another thing I’ve noticed about my attention span — and maybe yours as well — is that it gets longer only when it’s stretched. Exercises are designed to build strength and endurance, and that’s what I need, even when it doesn’t feel good.

Diet and exercise — in other words, discipline — are not something that just magically happen the way I want focus (or weight loss, for that matter) to just materialize in my life. These are long-term health changes, and health fads have only a temporary effect. But if I want the results, then I have to put in the effort. Of course, if you’ve found an easier way, I’m all ears for that too. 😉

What other thoughts do you have on focus?