I’m still thinking about the community relationships I have, and how to grow with the people around me. I came across a post on an old blog of mine — from another time when I was thinking about community.  This last paragraph of that post still resonates with me:

“So what do I do?  I don’t know yet.  I don’t know how to tear down the walls — walls that I probably built myself — between me and those around me.  I don’t even know if those around me have any interest in letting me close into their lives.  But I do know I have to try.  I can’t just sit around and bemoan my emotional and spiritual isolation.  I want to be a real part of God’s Kingdom.  And His kingdom is people.  So I pray that He teaches me how to love — Him, others, myself — in the way that builds His Community in the world around me.”

Sometimes the important things in life will keep coming back to you. Maybe it’s time to start community anew.