Are you looking forward to this week? I certainly am. Last week was probably the most difficult week of the entire year, with far too many unexpected losses and unpleasant surprises.

I did realize something during the week though. When tragedy strikes, people want to be close to those they care about. And when that need for community arises, it’s much easier to be involved in that community if you’ve been involved before.

I love to help people, and be there for people. But I’ve also spent the better part of my life not really letting people know when I need help, not really letting more than a select few be involved in my personal life that way. And part of me feels that I can’t really expect people to think I want to be involved in their lives if they’ve never really had a chance to be involved in mine. Sometimes community isn’t accepted until it’s been tested and proven.

What do you think? Do you have trouble initiating or joining in community? Why do you think we sometimes run from contact and hide our needs from others?