This past weekend I went my 10-year high school reunion. It was an interesting experience — sometimes frustrating, sometimes awkward, sometimes pleasant. The frustration was mostly the result of the 30 minutes I spent trying to find a parking space for at the event location. (There were several other events going on in the area.) The awkwardness came from the fact I was never that great at socializing with people with whom i don’t have regular contact. And I didn’t have the obvious conversation starters of a husband or children to help me out.

The pleasantness? Well, it obviously came from seeing a few of the people I had not seen or heard from since we graduated 10 years and and 3 months ago. And I enjoyed catching up on their lives and meeting or hearing about the new people in them. (I’m single, but I’m not bitter — I like for other people to be happy too.) But one of those moments turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

After talking to a few people had realized that many of the people that I remembered were people from popular cliques. Although I had had classes with them and had even done sone outside activities with them, they did not even seem to be aware of my presence in their past or their present. I thought that might be the case, so I wasn’t upset by that reality. It did, however, cut done on the number of people with whom I was able to reunite.

So it was a unexpected thrill when I inadvertently made eye contact with one of those people across a table, and she recognized me. Not only did she recognize me, but she was excited to see me! We talked for a little while (after I waited for several photos that the rest of her friends wanted to take together) and got caught up on where we both have been (living in the same city since graduation and yet not crossing paths).

It was very nice to see familiar faces, catch up on the lives if people I spent seven hours a day with for a few years, and even to realize who was missing that I had hoped to see. But sometimes being genuinely remembered by those you don’t expect to remember you is the nicest reunion of all.

What about you? Have you ever gone to a reunion? What was your experience?