There’s a recent commercial for Oscar Mayer hot dogs that I really like. Have you seen it? It features a father who is walking through his home and noting that his wife and children have spread out to various parts of the house, each using a computer or other piece of technology and not interacting with anyone else in the house. The father gets an idea and cuts the electricity in the house off. His son finds him grilling outside and asks what’s going on. His response? “The power’s out. Want a hotdog?”

I like the cute simplicity of the father’s answer. The power is out, but that’s not important. What’s important is the opportunity to eat some food with the family and without distractions. Yes, it’s a commercial, and the point is that Oscar Mayer brings families together. But still, they could shown that in many different ways. What they showed was a father who wanted his family to spend some time together and came up with a creative way to achieve that goal without his family feeling forced to participate in each others lives.

Sometimes the flashy and shiny don’t draw people as much as the simple and genuine. That’s true within the commercial and true when watching the commercial. Taking time out to enjoy food and fellowship is a pastime that will never get old.