I am not good at relationships. By not good, I mean extremely lacking in knowledge and skill. And by relationships, I mean pretty much any type of relationship most human adults deal with. [Note from the author: this is not an anti-hyperbole blog. Be forewarned.] I led a pretty sheltered life growing up and even going through college, and coming from a fairly small family and tending to keep to myself, I have not had many opportunities to learn first-hand how to interact with many different types of people. But thankfully this lack of relationship skill doesn’t stop me from constantly trying to get my relationships just right — although it also doesn’t stop me from wondering if I ever will.

Sometimes relationships are hard. People are amazingly different,and even people you spend time with on a regular basis can be difficult to figure out. So why are we always trying so hard to find or keep or grow relationships? Because we as people were created to need other people, to form families and extend the human race, and that is impossible to do without relationships. The relationships we pursue are facets and examples and reflections of the One Initial and Ultimate relationship we’re all meant to have. That great thing is that that One relationship doesn’t discount all the other relationships; rather, it helps explain them and their importance in our lives.

What I lack in relationship experience I make up for in imagination. I think a lot about how I relate to the people around me, and how they relate to each other. I try to learn from my past interactions for future reference. Isn’t that how we all gain understanding? (I hope so – otherwise, this could get awkward.) I should I really do love relationships in almost any form. Whether they are family relationships, friendships, or marriages, or even non-human ones like musical harmonies, complementary foods, or contrasting colors — if there is any interesting or random connectedness between two people or things, chances are I’ll be thinking and talking it out at some point.

What about you? What relationships jump out at you like those old-school 3d optical illusions?